• Furniture Repair and Restoration Explained

    Furniture restoration encompasses many different kind of services meant to restore and refinish contemporary and antique pieces of any size. From large bedroom sets to a rocking chair, if you have furniture you’d like to look or work better, Toronto furniture repair services are for you. Visit our homepage for more information about our refinishing, repair and restoration services.

    restoration example

    A skilled furniture restoration specialist or cabinetmaker can not only level out or lower a table, but remove blemishes, imperfections and other signs of wear and tear that appear after years of use. The process can take quite some time, but once you have refinished an old dining room table, it can be an excellent piece to add some flavour and unique style to your home.

    Many Toronto homeowners are surprised at the price and turnaround time when it comes to restoration and repair services. It’s important you know the process and how to proceed if you decide to invest in this type of service for your beloved goods.

    Normally a specialist will come take a look at your particular pieces and let you know what’s possible, and what to expect. This is important because some furniture might not be able to be restored fully due to age and other factors. In general though, restoration and refinishing requires a lot of work. From cleaning built up dirt, to removing the original layer for re-staining purposes whoever you hire is going to be putting in a lot of hours – keep this in mind when you get your written quote. ¬†Whatever quotes you get, be sure to confirm the turn around time and any extra delivery costs associated with moving the furniture to the shop where it will be worked on. The last thing you want is some excessive surprise charges.

    Restoration on the other hand, is different from repair and usually refers to getting an aged and valuable piece brought back to it’s former glory. This is notably more costly as the cabinetmaker needs to be much more careful with each step of the process. Utility and aesthetics are both preserved which can mean a very specific selection of stains, hardware and all other details.…

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  • Experienced Movers: Are They Worth The Price?

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when you’ll have to move out or at least change apartments a few times, and the whole process can have quite an overwhelming effect on you for a few days. All your belongings are strewn everywhere, sorted into boxes temporarily, and packed into a dirty truck to be hauled to your new location. If the process is this stressful for your household belongings, imagine how much work it takes to move your piano!

    When people are quoted for a piano moving service, they often are surprised and do not understand what exactly the price covers or the overall value of a professional moving service. Transporting your organ, piano or other large delicate object requires planning, experience and a gentle touch to be successful and you’re likely only going to find these qualities and skills with a professional Ottawa moving company. Other factors that effect the price can be the overall difficulty of the move, as well as how many movers are going to be needed to successfully execute the job. Visit http://ottawapianomovers.net for more information on choosing a good moving company for your needs.

    Another benefit of getting a legit moving company is they almost always have liability insurance that can cover anything from a totalled piano to broken glasses from your kitchen. If you opt to hire some random friends or family to help you, there is little that can be done to recover broken belongings, so even if the cost does seem higher, this is a main reason we at Fully Fringed recommend hitting up a real pro for your moving needs.

    Finally, not every advertised moving company is necessarily the best match for your individual moving needs and you should do a bit of research online to find out who the best piano movers in Ottawa are for your specific move. Read reviews on sites like Yelp, Google Places and 411.ca to get a good idea of how friendly and efficient you can expect your moving crew to be, and perhaps ask some friends for some recommendations. But at the end of the day, make an educated decision!

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